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CJ Clark




CJ Clark is a versatile artist and author/novelist with a passion for magical realism and evocative book illustrations. Raised and educated in Europe, CJ’s artistic journey has been shaped by her diverse cultural experiences and global travels. From the captivating landscapes of Europe to the vast tapestry of North America, she has roamed far and wide, drawing inspiration from the beauty and wonder of the world.  Nestled in the vibrant city of Austin, CJ has found her creative haven, surrounded by a delightful clan of rescued dogs and cats. As an exhibiting freelance artist, she weaves her magic onto canvases, inviting viewers to step into her imaginings. CJ’s literary prowess shines through her novels, two of which have already graced the literary stage, and a third eagerly anticipated on the horizon. Her poetic voice has resonated in the pages of numerous esteemed poetry journals, capturing emotions with delicate yet powerful strokes of language. CJ’s artistry isn’t confined to canvases and pages.

With a background as an LVN, she has touched lives in various healthcare fields, from hospice to neurology-trauma care. Her remarkable vision is to blend the healing power of creativity with her unique life experiences, helping people of all ages embark on journeys of personal discovery and growth.

Discover the captivating world of art through CJ’s art support groups, a reflection of her boundless imagination and deep emotional exploration. Her artistry opens doors to uncharted territories of the heart and soul, offering solace, inspiration, and a mirror for introspection.

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